CSEI Alumni

In 2016, 25 students from 15 different schools were admitted to the program, and 87 business leaders and faculty members contributed to their learning. This is what participants had to say about their CSEI 2016 experience:

  • “For most businesses, you need a degree or you have to be 18 or you have to have experience to be placed in a summer job. This was perfect because it’s a way to build experience, relevant experience, that will help us in the future.”
  • “I loved all of the field trips and speakers. They provided inspiration and information for our group projects.”
  • “My time in the immersive group project forced me out of my comfort zone in the classroom and provided me with so much exposure and great contacts for the future.”
  • “I really enjoyed getting to know the other participants, meeting people inside my immersive group project company, and doing work pertaining to real world events.”

The Powell Economic Education Foundation invites alumni to contribute to student scholarships for future participants and honor Mr. Cochrane’s firm belief that “to those whom much is given, much is expected”.

If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Trina Clemans at trina_clemans@collegiate-va.org