Join us in reimagining Richmond.

We seek the engaged minds of rising high school seniors representing different Richmond area voices and fresh perspectives to collaborate and reimagine the future of our shared city.
CSEI runs Monday Friday, July 5 – 30 from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Applications are available to high school juniors until Monday, Feb. 15, 2021.
Richmond is our classroom.

Company partners are our lab.

Technology is in our toolbox.

About the Cochrane Summer Economic Institute

A structured summer opportunity for rising high school seniors to reimage Richmond while problem solving for a company and experiencing the realities of the workplace. Students make impactful decisions and apply their knowledge of economics and entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. CSEI begins the first Monday after July 4th and runs for four weeks. Students apply and provide a recommendation during the fall of their junior year.

CSEI is a community outreach program funded, in part, by the Powell Economic Education Foundation administered by Collegiate School’s Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship.

Let’s Design Something Great Together.

“CSEI takes all the lessons you learned in high school about being a member of the business world and provides you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge while working with local Richmond companies. Before participating in CSEI, I had never taken a business or economics course. I had never interviewed an adult, written a white paper, or learned the difference between open-ended questions and closed-ended questions. Being a participant in CSEI allowed me the chance to do all those things while giving me a safe space to learn.” Rachel Bruce, Saint Gertrude

Contact Us

Trina Clemans, Director of Economic Literacy, Entrepreneurship and the Cochrane Summer Economic Institute

(804) 512-1739