Technology is in our toolbox

While our hope is that CSEI 2022 will meet in person and on-sites throughout Richmond, we are prepared for in-person, blended or virtual learning with the use of technology tools.

A Good Life For All Within Planetary Boundaries, University of Leeds

Economic Indicators

Indicators are statistics or data readings that reflect the economic circumstances of a particular country, region or sector. They are used to assess the current and future health of the economy. We review a wide variety of indicators to help design for a better future.

Team Midas Zoom Meeting During CSEI 2020. All CSEI 2020 class meetings, interviews and guest speakers were virtual over Zoom with great success!


Zoom helps CSEI students connect with CSEI faculty and peers while spread throughout the city designing for a better future. Inspirational leaders in Richmond and beyond join us through the secure video communication service for engaging learning experiences.

Support tech tools

Google Docs

Google Docs brings CSEI team documents to faculty and mentors’ desks for instant feedback and sharing of ideas. The flexible resource enables collaboration on presentations, research and written documents.


Canvas is a free learning management platform that empowers teams to learn together. The program assists CSEI participants with the sharing of work and ideas as well as organization of learning materials and content.


Flipgrid is a free and widely accessible video sharing and discussion tool. CSEI staff and students can create a discussion topic, record and share videos with the CSEI learning community for feedback and fun.


Padlet is a free online virtual bulletin board where teams can collaborate, reflect, share links and ideas as well as pictures. Padlet creators can moderate posts, remove posts and manage the board remotely.

Technology tools enabled CSEI 2020 to go – unexpectedly – entirely virtual as well as build relationships among students, faculty and Richmond professionals.

“Working with the Midas team, I was able to see everyone utilizing their strengths in a perfect example of collaboration. Once we started building relationships, we were able to work together, providing innovative ideas and thoughtful feedback throughout the entirety of the design thinking process to deliver a creative solution to the design challenge presented by Midas of Richmond. During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual CSEI was so meaningful because it allowed each of us to reach out to others and build connections with the fellow interns, our business partners, and other members of our community.”

Natalie Wolpert, Saint Gertrude High School

“When it was announced that CSEI 2020 would be virtual, my expectations were certainly lowered. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my time despite being online. I was a little nervous going into group work, but our team worked well together. We had similar ideas but looked at every point of view we could. The experience taught me about research, entrepreneurship, economics, and how to host an interview, how to rewrite questions, and much more. However, none of these are my biggest takeaway. I made 5 really nice friends despite only ever seeing them through my computer.”

Henry Montcastle, Collegiate School

Let’s design something great together.