CSEI 2021 Recommendation

CSEI 2021 Recommendation Link

Accepting Recommendations Monday, Oct. 12 – Monday, Feb. 15

CSEI is finding that COVID-19 is complicating students’ abilities to plan for July 2021. To support the need for flexibility, CSEI will continue to accept applications through Mon., Feb. 15, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. Students who apply as late as mid-February, assuming spots are still available, can expect notice of acceptance by early May.

The school teacher, coach or administrator recommendation form will be available from mid-October through early December and are required portion of the application process.

Finalists may be selected for a January interview with notification of acceptance by early March. Students must commit to participating in the entire 2021 CSEI program that runs four weeks beginning the first Monday after July 4th.

Questions? Please email Trina Clemans at  trina_clemans@collegiate-va.org.