CSEI Immersive Group Projects

IMG_5969Partner for-profit and non-profit organizations create a brief for an immersive group internship project managed by a Collegiate faculty member. A team of three to four high-achieving students then spend four weeks in June and July studying economic and entrepreneurial business concepts as well as the issues and objective of their immersive group project. By leveraging classroom instruction, research, workshops by local business leaders and knowledge gleaned from thought leaders in their assigned organization, the consulting students deliver actionable insights and solutions in a final presentation.

Project Partners are respectfully asked to make a financial donation to the Powell Economic Education Foundation, if they are able. Corporations and private individuals also sponsor immersive group internships and provide financial support for programs. Contributions fund the economic education of students from approximately 10-15 different high schools from across the Richmond region, by connecting them with financial literacy, group projects supporting local businesses and non-profits, and entrepreneurship training to inspire the next generation of business leaders from Central Virginia.

The 2017 projects focuses may include:

  • Entrepreneurial Focus: Addressing the needs of the start-up, with a focus on market exploration and research within the next generation.
  • Marketing Focus: Promoting the mission of a youth centric non-profit organization leveraging social media and product design.
  • Consulting Focus: Introducing the next generation of potential bioscience experts to the endless career possibilities available in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences.
  • Retail Focus: Translating how the Richmond youth market connects with timely, trending fashion and how that demand impacts distribution channels.
  • Real Estate Focus: Predicting commercial real estate space usage demands of future generations of area residents and small business owners.
  • Financial Services Focus: Researching energy consumption patterns in today’s youth as well as the current public policy and legal environment in energy production. Predicting future growth / decline in the energy market and the possible impact on investments made by the financial services sectors.