Design Thinking Challenge

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The Design Thinking Challenge is given to CSEI teams by partner companies asking the teams to Redesign the [topic] experience for [user].

Partner companies create the design challenge based on existing needs within their organizations. CSEI teams work Monday – Thursday for three weeks in July using the design thinking process to research the topic and people they have been challenged to design for – be they clients, partners, suppliers, or employees, etc. of the partner company.

By leveraging classroom instruction, research, and panels by local business and community leaders as well as knowledge gleaned from thought leaders in their assigned companies, the consulting students deliver actionable insights and solutions in a final presentation.

Examples of past CSEI design challenges:

Redesign the game day experience for new visitors to the Richmond Kickers.

Redesign the menu selection experience for Ginger Juice customers .

Redesign the donor tracking experience for our fundraising and development office.

Redesign the sculpture department community outreach program for teens in Richmond.