CSEI Newsletters & Press

✫ 2017 CSEI | Cochrane Summer Economic Institute taught high school students about innovation  ✫

“It’s an opportunity for rising seniors to apply classroom learning and get a jump-start on developing business soft skills most often learned in the workplace,” said Trina Clemans, CSEI director and Collegiate’s director of economic and entrepreneurship education.

✫ 2017 CSEI | Collegiate School Hosts Economics and Entrepreneurship Program for High Schoolers ✫

Caroline Matawaran, a St. Catherine’s School student who worked with Impact Makers when she attended the program last year, says participating in CSEI was the best decision she made in high school. “There is no other internship I found in Richmond where you do work like this,” she said. “The companies actually want your input. It really made me want to pursue a business career.”

✫ 2017 CSEI | June Newsletter  ✫

Twenty-seven outstanding high school students from 18 schools have been accepted to the 2017 CSEI program. These students will have the invaluable experience of working on group projects that provide necessary skills for a career in today’s commercial markets. Students are exposed to topics and projects in marketing, development, finance, product design, distribution, management, leadership, research and analytical competence. 

Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology
Benedictine College Preparatory
Collegiate School
Culver Academy
Deep Run High School
Hermitage High school
Huguenot High School
Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School
Mathematics and Science High School at Clover Hill High School
Matoaca High School
Mills E. Godwin High School
Richmond Community High School
St. Catherine’s School
St. Christopher’s School
The Steward School
Trinity Episcopal School

✫ 2016 CSEI | Q&A With Rahim Hassan: Teen Programming at the ICA  ✫

“It was really rewarding to see that our findings were taken seriously and actually provided important information to the ICA and Richmond arts community. When we gave our final presentation, people in attendance were interested in our findings and had questions about our research and our opinions. It really gave meaning to why we were researching teen programs. The work we did is giving back to something that is going to be great for the Richmond community.”

✫ 2016 CSEI | Behind the Scenes at VCU’s $41.2 Million Institute For Contemporary Art  ✫

“In addition to interdisciplinary collaborations on the campus, the ICA will target teenage audiences as an ongoing programmatic focus. Earlier this summer, Plummer worked with four rising high-school senior participants in the Cochrane Summer Economic Institute, which is administered by Collegiate School. They researched and examined programs for teens at art institutions in other parts of the country. 

✫ 2016 CSEI | VCU Division of Community Engagement Partners with Cochrane Institute Students ✫

“The students had a unique opportunity to be at the table, lead the conversation and share their recommendations to enhance VCU’s community engagement with the teenage community,” McKenzie said. “I was blown away by their data discussion – they nailed it.”

✫ 2016 CSEI | Richmond Area High School Students Deliver Real-World Business Solutions During Collegiate-Based Institute ✫

“With most internships, you need a degree or you have to be 18 or you have to have experience,” said Huda Alsamman, a rising senior at Tucker High School. “This was perfect because it’s a way to build experience — relevant experience — that will help us in the future.”

✫ 2016 CSEI | July Newsletter ✫

This is the second year of participation for CEO Shaun Thaxter and Indivior. The experience has been so positive, he envisions future involvement in the program. “It’s beneficial for everyone,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for my company to give back to the community, and because we are an organization that has developed some capability and expertise, I think we have a social responsibility to do it.”

✫ 2016 CSEI | June Newsletter ✫

Twenty-five outstanding high school students from fifteen Richmond area schools have been accepted to the 2016 CSEI program. These students will have the invaluable experience of working on immersive group projects that will provide necessary skills for a career in today’s commercial markets. Students will be exposed to topics and projects in  marketing, development, finance, product design, distribution, management, leadership, research and analytical competence.

✫ 2016 CSEI | May Newsletter ✫

Each student internship team will work on a project for one of our partner organizations. Leveraging classroom instruction, workshops by local business leaders and knowledge gleaned from thought leaders in the participating organizations, the consulting students deliver actionable insights and solutions in an internal presentation Thursday, July 21st and group final presentation Friday, July 22nd.