2017 CSEI Partner Organizations

ChildSavers_logo_Transparent_MediumCHILDSAVERS | ChildSavers guides Central Virginia’s children through life’s critical moments with trauma-informed mental health and child development services. At the core of ChildSavers’ mission is a fundamental commitment to the mental well-being of children and the positive bond between adult and child. To build a strategic communications plan with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based initiatives, the CSEI team will review three areas of ChildSavers’ business: Child Development Service, specifically parent interactions; Mental Health Services; and client trends, taking into account fundraising geographical and time based patterns. Within each of these three areas, the consulting team will then analyze data and work with the ChildSavers’ staff to determine and prioritize foci for a strategic communications plan.

CSEI 2017 Partner Ginger JuiceGINGER JUICE | Ginger Juice is Richmond’s first (and only) cold-pressed juice company. Its mission is to conveniently provide healthy juice to Richmond residents. Founded in September 2014, Ginger Juice started selling products at Richmond farmers markets in early 2015. Later that year, Ginger Juice launched an online business primarily to support the need for juice cleanses and by October 2015, Ginger Juice opened its first retail location. The current menu includes cold pressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, toasts, soups, wellness shots and protein bites. Ginger Juice is opening a second location with more than 1,500 square feet of space. The consulting CSEI team will leverage primary and secondary resources to assist with structuring the product line at the new location where Ginger Juice anticipates 70% of sales to be grab and go and 30% to be made to order.

IM_logo_RD4_1_bea335buildIMPACT MAKERS | Impact Makers is a Richmond-based information technology and business consulting company that is committed to helping the community by donating pro bono consulting services and 100% of its profits to charities over the life of the company. As a founding B Corp member, Impact Makers is using the power of business to affect positive social change. Richmond is home to more than a dozen certified B Corps, but there are many more companies in Richmond interested in obtaining that recognition and furthering the social enterprise movement in our area. A 2017 Impact Makers’ goal is to grow the B Corp community through active participation and an increased number of newly certified businesses. CSEI interns will help Impact Makers and the area B Corp community identify companies interested in obtaining B Corp status and furthering the social enterprise movement, grow overall awareness and determine the best ways to engage the existing B corp community.

indiviorINDIVIOR | Indivior is a pharmaceutical company with a patient-focused approach. As a world leader in addiction treatment, its mission is to pioneer innovative prescription treatments for patients around the world suffering from the chronic medical conditions of addiction and its comorbidities. The CSEI consulting team will be working with Indivior’s marketing department to complete market research and build an actionable business plan to address a prevalent business challenge.

CSEI 2017 Partner Richmond-Kickers-LogoRICHMOND KICKERS  | The mission of the Richmond Kickers is to grow the game of soccer through a successful soccer club that entertains, invites community participation and inspires all. Established in 1993, the Richmond Kickers has consistently been one of the most successful professional soccer clubs in the United States. Over the past 18 seasons, the Kickers club has qualified for postseason play 16 times. Today, more than 8,000 amateur soccer players of all abilities participate in programs sponsored by the Kickers and partner clubs. The club was recently named as one of only 30 Adidas Sports Marketing Clubs in the U.S. The CSEI consulting group will conduct and synthesize market research about the Kickers’ target fan base, develop grass roots marketing ideas for the upcoming Premier League exhibition featuring Swansea City, as well as dive deeper into why Richmond is seeing incredible relative growth of the millennial population according to a recent study by from the Urban Land Institute.

EAB_Royall-lock-upROYALL & COMPANY  | For more than 25 years, Royall & Co. has helped colleges and universities strengthen core revenue streams, achieve enrollment and fundraising goals, and build long-term relationships with students, parents and alumni through innovative, data-enabled marketing services. Royall’s best-practice strategies are founded in comprehensive and rigorous study: The company conducts over 300 field tests annually across more than 350 partner institutions. And Royall is proud to do it well. Partners realize a 7:1 return on investment — the best in the enrollment industry. Royall is currently in the midst of developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan that includes numerous ongoing initiatives and actions to provide a more comprehensive, integrated and strategic focus on this topic. The CSEI consulting team will be tasked with researching and developing Royall’s employer brand, primarily focusing on diversity and inclusion as the organization refines its strategic plans for a more a collaborative, flexible and inclusive environment.

PrintWORLD PEDIATRIC PROJECT | Based in Richmond, World Pediatric Project (WPP) is a national leader in delivering multi-specialty pediatric care to very specific regions outside the United States that are lacking in basic health care services at all stages. WPP provides live-changing and life-saving solutions to a wide range of critical cases by establishing strong relationships with partner countries that allow for in-depth hands-on care, both abroad and at home. As the messaging and donor environment has changed over time, WPP is seeking to expand brand awareness and engagement — both actively and digitally — among younger audiences by capitalizing on current media and digital platforms and trends. WPP strives to create connectivity between like-minded students at multiple educational institutions, establishing an advisory board of high-school-level ambassadors. The consulting CSEI team will observe and research how the next generation of volunteers, activists and donors are approaching non-profits differently than those before, and assist WPP in developing a peer-to-peer messaging and fundraising campaign.

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