2017 Speakers, Workshops and Panelists

BUSINESS SPEAKER SERIES | Business professionals from the Richmond community share learnings based on experience.

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Scott Aronson discusses corporate growth and change.

Chrystal Neal focuses on economic development and the future of work in Richmond.

John Dau shares transforming core values into action through social entrepreneurship.

Anika Horn and Scott Mayo discuss what B Corps are, why B Corps want to be part of something bigger than themselves and why, for many, becoming a B Corp also has to make business sense.

IMG_9811RICHMOND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCENE SPEAKER SERIES | A series of guests immersed in the Richmond entrepreneurial scene share their experiences. Mr. Bostic will begin the discussion with this quote: “America’s biggest problem is a desperate need for good jobs. The real solution to the jobs problem lies within business startups and business building by the next generation.”

SPEAKERS | Bryan Bostic, Garret Westlake, Jordan Jez, Craig Forbes

IMG_0686DECISION MAKING WORKSHOP | CSEI students participate in a simulation exercise designed by Capital One as part of their recruitment efforts of college graduates to both identify skills and to help students understand the types of roles available at large, innovative companies.


IMG_0788NAVIGATING NETWORKING WORKSHOP | We welcome guests from the business community for an exercise in networking.

PARTICIPANTS | John Dau, Andy Edmunds, Jordan JezShaival Kapadia, Michael Laming, Phyllis PalmieroMary Chandler Pruette, Chuck RossDuane Slyder

IMG_0827INNERWILL COACHING WORKSHOP | Danielle Aaronson will meet with CSEI participants following our morning of networking for a debrief, to stimulate self-discovery and facilitate a transition to using new skills and behaviors to approach business situations.

FACILITATOR | Danielle Aaronson

IMG_0746PUBLIC SPEAKING, STORYTELLING AND PRESENTATION DESIGN WORKSHOP | Business professionals who use storytelling, oral presentation and design daily in their careers share how to articulate ideas to an audience, use persuasion in public speaking and get buy-in for proposals by telling stories well and boosting impact with strong visual design.

PARTICIPANTS | Peter Coughter, Dave Clemans, Jimmy Dickinson, Robert Throckmorton, Jason St. Peter

IMG_2935 2ENTREPRENEURSHIP PANEL | The startup phase of a new company is uncertain and unpredictable – it is chaotic, exciting, surprising and the future is unknown.  Courtney Ferrell facilitates a discussion with a panel of entrepreneurs about their unique experiences as entrepreneurs in the greater Richmond region.

MODERATOR | Courtney Ferrell, Innovation Catalyst
PANELISTSMichael Bor of CarLotz, Stacy Elsbury of Good Run Research + Recreation, Peyton Jenkins of Alton Lane and Jill Stefanovich of bbgb
HOST | Good Run Research + Recreation